The Great Things

Hello fellas. Long time no posting in this blog. I’m a teenager and busy with many things. Tehee.

Have you ever think about what have you done in your life?
I have and often do that.
I don’t go much at satnite like most teenagers in this world. I spend my satnite in front of my computer, writing on my projects or some craps. Nerdy huh?
I love that and often imagine something.

Life is a great gift from God. God has some meanings for giving us this life with all the joys and problems. As a teenager, I have a teen spirit that never gonna leave until I’m officially adult. I’ve been thinking that life is easier when we were still babies that crying to have other people’s attentions. However, I still remember when I was a spoiled brat years ago. Now here I am writing to you about some craps. Years from now, I’ll be officially adult and look for jobs. Isn’t life so fast?

Are we wasting our lives in something wrong? Wrong is based on our mind. For example, in my perspective, smoking isn’t good for our health, but a few people disagree with that. Complicated, isn’t it?

So what should we do in our life?

Live it, do something you like but you have to know the consequences and be responsible for what have you done.



PS : I have done some photography for a while now. This is one of my project 😉

what do you think about that? I took it in Tawangmangu, Central Java 🙂


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